Scot Curry during Iceberg Vodka Competition


Cocktail Culture:

Scot Curry leads the cocktail program where each cocktail is hand crafted to order with the freshest ingredients.  We don’t use artificially flavoured spirits, so you’ll find a unique range of Scot’s own house infusions, from walnut bourbon to citrus vodka and the best spiced rum we’ve tasted (sorry Captain).



Cold Draft Ice


House made syrups are an important way to add complexity to a cocktail, and Scot finds his own blends are the best and add subtle layers to his drinks.

Cocktail bitters, once a standard in the 1800s recipes during the cocktail revolution, are again essential to building complex cocktails.  Scot creates his own brand of intense flavour adjuster: Scoty’s Orange Bitters, a homage to the world’s first, Antoine Peychaud.

Ice.  Some bartenders feel that not having Cold Draft ice is a “deal breaker” for a job prospect; seminars at the Tales of the Cocktail revolve around ice; it is the cold, silent partner for a mixologist.  The goal is to chill while minimizing dilution of flavour.  A simple concept and only high density cubed ice like Cold Draft can do it.



The Barrel Age

The Barrel Age:

Recent to Alta Bistro’s cocktail programme is the American toasted white oak cask series of cocktails.  The concept is simple: slow oxidation and integration of subtle oak flavours into a cocktail. The cocktail is batched to a specific volume to fill a cask and then is put in the wine cellar where maturation begins.  As the barrel breaths, spirit is drawn into the wood as oxygen is exchanged through the barrel.

What this means for our customer is added flavour complexity.  The oak adds subtle tannins, vanilla, coconut, toasty, charred flavours while presence of oxygen allows the cocktail to mellow and marry its flavours.