About Us

Alta Bistro is owned and operated by Edward Dangerfield, Eric Griffith, Tom Merenyi and Executive Chef Nick Cassettari.  We live here. (Actually Tom lives in North Vancouver and comes up a lot.)

We are passionate about food, wine and cocktails.

We believe in sustainability.

We believe in local, ethically sourced food

We support local farmers, like Rootdown Farm in Pemberton.

Our meat comes from Two Rivers Meats.  It is all hormone and antibiotic free.  It tastes better.

Our fish is all in accordance with the Oceanwise program

We believe in supporting local artisans, like Pemberton Distillery

We buy sustainably farmed wine; it helps the fields.  It may or may not help your head the morning after.

We drink local beer, from our friends down the street at Whistler Brewing.  We even sell some.

We filter our water on site; it tastes better and is better for you, it can even be made to sparkle.

We clean the bistro with non-persistent chemicals and wash our hands with locally made soaps.

We only cook with renewable hydro-electric power instead of non-renewable gas,

We re-charge the ‘candles’ every night after service, and they don’t pollute the air.

We compost anything you don’t eat.

We employ our staff year round; we know how tough the seasons are.

Often we choose the environment, local economy and snow over greater profit!

We want to keep skiing for many years to come, and so we will keep doing everything we can to improve.

What we do is making a difference and deciding to eat here helps make that difference.

We would love your suggestions.

Thank you.